How Community Outreach Increases Employee Morale

Did you know that engagement in the community equates to a happier, stronger employee morale? Employee engagement and happiness should always be a priority at your company. Finding fresh ways to create a healthy employee morale is a great idea, and community outreach should be included in those employee engagement tactics.

Do Good, Feel Good

Stats show that seventy-five percent of employees who take the time to volunteer with their company feel better about their workplace and company. Volunteering improves most people’s mental state and even lowers stress levels.

Longer Retention

A company that actively helps the community makes for employees who stay with the company for a longer time period. The act of service often contributes to employee’s satisfaction with their boss and the company itself.

Positivity and Teamwork

Employees are able to join together to make the difference in the lives of those in need. This basic concept of community service results in positive energy in the workplace along with overall happier employees. Employees will feel both wanted and appreciated.

Company’s Advocate

At the end of the day, you want your employees to be your company’s advocate rather than people who constantly complain about your company. Employees simply want to know that they are working for someone who does good in the world, and promotes employee engagement inside and outside the office.

Now is your time to start looking for community service opportunities that your whole staff can participate in. Your employee engagement and morale will skyrocket as a result.