How Community Networking Can Help You Land Your Next Job

It’s 2019 and networking is all the rage. Whether it’s online through websites such as LinkedIn or a conversation with your old college friends, networking has undoubtedly become such a powerful tool. A personal conversation is often times more meaningful than a message on LinkedIn. Networking within your community can help you land your next job.


Even though it’s easier to go on your laptop and fill out a few job applications and send a few emails, in-person networking makes more of a lasting impact.  Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start making these face-to-face connections. Jump out of your comfort zone and start striking conversations with people you’ve never met before. You never know what might happen! Also – don’t forget to bring a portfolio with resumes just in case.

Ask around

The people closest to us might be pursuing the jobs that we want, but they probably have friends who do. Ask your neighbors and those in your local community if they know someone who is interested in your dream work field. You might just end up talking to someone who is cousins with the CEO of one of your top companies. It never hurts to ask, especially if the result is something that will make your future days brighter!

Get involved

Try getting involved with a local non-profit or a volunteer organization in your town. For example, there are all types of people who volunteer at the animal shelter. They don’t have to be a veterinarian to volunteer there obviously. You have the possibility of running into a volunteer who is an accountant for an impressive accounting firm in the area. Exploring and getting involved with various organizations could help you land your new job.

Your community will open up new doors for your job search. Don’t give up just yet!