3 Reasons You May Be Experiencing High Employee Turnover

Last week, one of your top employees left and another one of your star employees left the month before that. Employees keep leaving your business more rapidly than usual and you’re starting to worry why there’s such a high turnover rate. Needless to say, you’re tired of rehiring people every couple months. Here are three reasons you may be experiencing high employee turnover.


Management may be playing a key factor to why the employee turnover rate is so high. Employees want to feel appreciated and connected to their direct managers. Ideally, someone who is working for a company wants to make sure that they can trust and depend on the management. If management isn’t positively involved in the employee’s life, then they might feel like they are walking on eggshells every day.


If you are not communicating with your employees correctly, then that’s potentially a big reason why they want to leave. It’s important for employees to feel in the loop. Management and positions of authority need to emphasize positive communication in the workplace. Words of affirmation and encouragement go a long way. Sometimes your employees won’t feel like they are doing a good job if they are not receiving praise.


Growth and advancement within a company is huge. If employees feel like they are stuck in a position and have no upward mobility, then it is likely that they will eventually leave. As time goes on, these valuable employees are gaining more skills and improving their work ethic. Employees do not want to work at an entry-level job forever. Make sure that you are offering chances for growth.

Now is the perfect time to review the above three reasons with your internal team and human resource department. A few tweaks and changes to how your company handles workplace situations will result in a lower employee rate. Good luck!