Finding the Best Sales & Marketing Candidates

It’s hiring season! When it comes to finding the best sales and marketing candidates, it’s important to take a look at specific skills and characteristics. You never want to rush into hiring someone for these positions because you want to make sure that you select a superstar employee who gives it their all every day. Here are some qualities to look for in your next sales and marketing hire.

A Go-Getter

Sales and marketing jobs are not slow-paced jobs. In fact, they are some of the most detail-oriented, fast-paced jobs out there. Therefore, you want to find a candidate who is a natural go-getter, takes initiative, and always wants to take things to take next level. Ask potential candidates about how they typically manage a project from start to finish. This question will help you understand their work style.

Experience is a Major Plus

Before you give a candidate a call for an initial interview, make sure that they have similar experience to the open position. Any job in the marketing, sales, and communication field is a plus – but it is a good idea to see if their previous jobs match the responsibilities and skills of the position you are hiring for. For example, look for someone who has experience either selling a product or someone who has put together marketing campaign. There’s also no harm in asking the candidate for a physical or online portfolio!


Most sales and marketing jobs require teamwork. During the interview process, ask the candidate their experience with working with coworkers and see if they thrive in this type of environment. In marketing and sales positions, sometimes you have to consult with your team members to finish a project. Some work cannot be done independently, so that’s why it’s vital to see how well these candidates work as a team.

Do your candidates follow the above? Yes? Great! Now go schedule an interview and find that perfect hire.