Resolutions to be a Better Employee is 2019

There’s no better time to improve yourself than the start of a new year. The holidays were most likely a crazy time in the office/your place of employment. With so many hard deadlines and no dull moments, it was hard to take a second to breathe. The new year has come, and you can finally catch your breath and catch up on your work. Here are tips and resolutions to get you back on that work grind in 2019.

Organization 101

The deadlines and calories pile up quickly during the holiday season. Maintaining an organized desk is harder than it looks when you’re constantly busy. Now that that the storm has calmed down, you can finally take some time to organize. Organization not only helps you succeed more as an employee, but also reduces anxiety. It’s a total win-win.

Go the Extra Mile

Go to work. Eat lunch. Go home. Does that routine sound familiar to you? Instead of treating each day as the same monotonous task, make everyday a little different. Try going the extra mile when tackling your typical day-to-day projects. Think of a way to make your work stand out. This will impress your supervisor and also give you the chance to release those creative juices!

Overachiever Status

In this new year, don’t just meet deadlines – surpass them. If you’re able to work ahead, try working on projects a few days before the due date. Working ahead will qualify you as an overachiever and also reduce that last-minute stress. Try giving yourself “fake due dates” and make sure that your projects are due earlier than usual. You’ll feel like a superstar once you conquer that do-to list!

Here’s to a new year full of a growth and success. Happy 2019!