Ways to Plan Career Success in 2019

2019 could be your year to succeed more than ever before in your career. Maybe you spent 2018 feeling burnt-out and unaccomplished. That’s okay; sometimes we all need a fresh start, and January is the ideal time to kick things into high gear!


Reflect back on your career successes and failures from this past year. Look back at those moments where you felt like you were on top of the mountain and see what steps you took to achieve those successful moments. There might have been other times when you felt like you were making more wrongs than rights in your career. Look back at those sorrowful times and see what you led you to that point. Make a list of your highest and lowest career moments and use this a guide to plan your career goals for this year.


Now that you’ve reflected back on your highs and lows from this past year, it’s time to start planning the best ways to succeed in your career. This might be tweaking the way you approach projects, or this might even be your sign to start looking for new jobs. If you’ve had a previous year full of career lows, there’s a chance that the company you currently work for isn’t letting you reach your full potential. Plan out how you’re going to tackle these new career goals by either investing in a physical planner, taking details notes, or looking into an online project management software.


It’s time to executive those plans and move forward. Discover the best ways to conquer these new career goals by looking back on how you handled similar situations in the past. For example, if you’re trying to create a new time management system then try dividing up your time differently than what you did before. Devote specific times of the day to certain projects and go from there. A new year is all about experimenting and trying things that you haven’t before.  

Reflect. Plan. Act! These three steps will lead to your career success in 2019!