Making a Great Impression During Your First Week


First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to starting a new position at work. You nailed that interview and accepted that great offer for that position you worked so hard to get. Now it’s time to show your new boss and coworkers that they made the right decision to add you to the team. Follow these tips to ensure that you rock that first week!

Do you have any questions?

This is the question that you will hear constantly during your first week at your job. It is completely normal to feel unprepared during your first week. Whether this is your fifth professional job or your first job after graduating college, it is important to keep in the mind that asking questions is never a bad thing. In fact, employers love it when you ask questions because they see that you care about the work you will be doing. Don’t be that person who pretends to know what you’re doing because this will hurt you down the road when you’re 5 projects in and don’t understand the basics of the job.

Early Bird Catches the Worm

During your first week, make an effort to arrive at work earlier and leave later if possible. You don’t want your boss to think that you are already antsy to leave the office at 4:58 PM. Your boss will appreciate your eagerness to get work done and will begin to see that you are a self-starter and motivated individual.

Look the Part

Nice! You had an amazing interview and looked great as well. Just because your interview days are over doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stop dressing nice. You don’t need to pull out the tux or pant suit, but dress professionally and keep it classy.

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