Creating a Positive Work Environment for your Employees



The work environment you place your employees in can make or break a company. Imagine working in an office where you arrived each day petrified of the way your boss might treat you, or feeling the stress of everyone around you because no one takes time to step back, breathe, and destress. While this environment might be productive on the surface, let’s be honest; no one would be truly happy. That is why it is so important to create a positive work environment for your employees.

Moments of Encouragement

Sometimes it’s hard for employees to know if they are doing a good job if they aren’t receiving encouragement from their boss or supervisor. It’s easy to notify an employee of a mistake they made, but it takes effort to encourage them. No matter how long you have worked for a company, you are bound to make a mistake here and there. Mistakes are completely normal. Make sure to carve out time each month to send your employees a positive, encouraging email. This will show your employees that even in the crazy moments, you still deeply appreciate them and what they are doing for the business. Even a simple “great job” when a project is completed can go a long way.

Work Doesn’t Have to be “Work”

Work can be fun. Devote time to making sure that your employees are having an enjoyable experience at work. Take the time to close your laptops every so often and take a break. Bring snacks to the office on certain days. Celebrate your employee’s birthdays by having small birthday parties at work. Your employees want to know that they are appreciated. Incorporating fun events into your work routine doesn’t have to be difficult.

Get to Know Your Employees

Joe doesn’t have to just be “Joe from the finance department”. Instead, Joe should be known as that amazing father who loves recreational baseball and serving his local church. Building up relationships with your employees makes your work environment way more positive. Who wouldn’t want to work with their best friends?

Try these three tips and you are bound to have a happier work environment!


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