Self-Improvement Month

Self improvement

Expanding Your Skills for your Job Search

Change comes with new seasons. Besides the physical changes that happen outside such as cooler weather and leaves falling, there can also be personal change in your own life. This is your month for self-improvement. Try expanding your skills this month for a successful job search!

Try Something New

Today is your chance to try something new. Your resume will stand out if you have multiple skills listed. Research job positions that you would ideally want to pursue. Look specifically at the job qualifications and requirements that are listed on the job posting. If one of the skills for this position is Photoshop or a technology related skill, then take a basic Photoshop course online this month. YouTube is also a great resource to try something new! Set goals for yourself and start learning those skills.

Improve Your Skills

Take a look at your resume and analyze the skills listed. When was the last time was you brushed up on those skills? Even thought you might have had that specific talent at one point, it is very important to keep up with improving it. There is another job candidate who is probably practicing that skill every day, which makes the job search competitive. Take the time to be the best you that you can be!

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is key to anything. Do not only improve your technical job-related skills. Improve your personal skills. A first impression is a make it or break it point, so you want to make sure that you have sharpened up your interview and people skills. Many interviews include many people and rounds. Prepare for these by having mock interviews with a friend, roommate, or family member. This will build up your confidence and make you ready to rock that interview!

October is your month to improve yourself in all aspects, but it’s especially a good time to expand your skills for your job search. You got this!


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