How to Make a Job Candidate Feel Comfortable

How to make a candidate comfortable


Interviews are nerve racking and can often make candidates feel uncomfortable. As the interviewer, you should try to calm the interviewee’s nerves. Making the job candidate comfortable can make a world of a difference for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

Before the Interview

Pre-interview nerves are not fun. They are especially unpleasant when the job candidate is not completely sure where the location of the interview is. Calm the interviewee’s nerves by e-mailing them a detailed description of how to get to the office a few days prior to the interview. You may also want to tell them to check in with the receptionist or whoever you would like for them to speak to first. It is also wise to choose an interview room that has a window that lets in natural light to give the room a more comfortable feel.

A Warm Welcome

Most candidates aim to show up to interviews about 15 to 20 minutes early. This gives them time to show the company that they are a timely person. Once the job candidate is checked in by the receptionist, it is important that you greet them even though they are early. Give them a handshake and let them know you are excited for them to be there. Also let them know how soon you will be ready to conduct the interview. The job candidate is likely to be more at ease once they know when and who they are interviewing with.


Take a few minutes to introduce yourself and your other fellow interviewers to the candidate. Tell them about both you and your company. This will break the ice and make the interviewee more comfortable and make for a friendlier atmosphere.

These tips and tricks will go a long way. With a little extra effort, your job candidates should be able to be their true authentic selves!


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