Career Goals for the New Year

2018 is in full swing, and while many may have already abandoned their New Year’s Resolutions, we’re here to hold you accountable when it comes to your career goals. Follow these tips to finally land that dream job and make 2018 the best, most successful year yet!

Identify the End Goal

In order to “keep your eyes on the prize”, you must first identity what exactly that “prize” is. What is your dream role? Is it achievable? Do you have the skills necessary to perform the job, and if not, what skills do you have that make up for those you lack?

When preparing your resume or cover letter, it always helps to frame your experience and skills around what your potential future employer is looking for. Not only does this show the employer that you are capable of handling the job, but it helps you to understand whether or not the role is right for you.

Hire a Recruiter

Hunting for a job can feel like a job in itself. It takes hours upon hours of searching for positions, drafting cover letters, doing interviews, and more! Unfortunately, at the end of this process, you can find yourself with no real prospects to move forward with.

By hiring a recruiter, you can ensure that the jobs you apply for truly are a good fit. Furthermore, you have a much higher chance of getting your name and resume in front of the right person in order to land an interview.

Stand Out

With dozens, if not hundreds, of other applicants vying for the same job, it’s imperative to stand out in some way. Professionalism, confidence, and sincerity are a given. After all, you want to convey that you are easy to work with.

More importantly, which unique qualities make you the very best choice for the job? Whether it be your extensive experience in a particular industry or your outside-of-the-box ideas that differ from anyone else – know your strengths, and make them known.

Before you know it, you’ll be one step closer to your dream job!

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