Three Tips to Nail Your Next Presentation

Nail your presentation Z-Tech Solutions

Do you have a major presentation coming up? If so, you’ve most likely put hours upon hours of research and dedication into whatever topic you’re presenting. You know what you’re talking about, so you should feel completely confident. However, your time slot eventually rolls around and the nerves begin to set in. Don’t let stage fright prevent you from nailing your presentation or closing that deal. Use these three tips to remain confident and impress your target audience every time.

Ace the Intro
First impressions are extremely important. Within just a few moments, everything from your tone to your posture can either captivate your audience or completely lose their interest. Start by entering confidently, having a positive attitude, and exuding high energy. What is your opening line? Is it an unusual quote, a thought provoking question, or a funny phrase? However you choose to charm your audience, remember to put yourself in their shoes. Why is the information you are about to share important for them to know? How will it positively impact their life? Why should they pay attention? Use the first 60 seconds to tell your audience why they should want to hear you out.

Engage your Audience
The best way to engage your audience is by knowing them. Before your big presentation, do some research on who exactly will be attending. How many people will be there, demographic information, and potential areas of interest of your audience are all great to know. Even finding out how the room will be laid out can benefit you as your engage with your audience. Poll your audience, or ask open ended questions to get people focused and talking. Incorporating photos and videos into your presentation are also wonderful ways to engage and hold the attention of your audience members.

Keep it Simple
Two words: be concise. You may think you’re being helpful and informative, but overloading your audience on endless fun facts can cause them to feel overwhelmed and tune you out. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Be sincere. Be brief. Be seated.” This applies to many areas in life, but especially encompasses the way most people should present. If there were three things you would want your audience to walk away having learned, what would they be? Once you conclude what these three points are, you can formulate the rest of your presentation around them.

If you’re nervous about presenting, remember that you know more about your topic than anyone else in that room. You’ve put in the work, done your research, and rehearsed repeatedly. You’ve got this!


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