Three Essentials for Any Job Interview

Preparation is key when it comes to interviewing for a new job and meeting potential employers. Everything from how you present yourself outwardly to the communication skills you display throughout your interview leaves a lasting impression on your interviewer. Here are three essentials for your next job interview.

Three Essentials for Any Job Interview

First, it’s imperative to make a great first impression when interviewing with a new company. From what you are wearing to how you carry yourself, employers will make an initial assumption about how you present yourself in a professional environment. Although dress code varies depending on the industry or company culture, it is best to wear a tailored business suit for men or a blazer and pants or skirt for women. Introduce yourself with a firm handshake, strong eye contact, and a warm, friendly smile, and be confident!

Second, remember to bring four to five copies of your professional resume, printed on ivory or off white copy paper. Having a nicely printed resume only further conveys your desire to present yourself as polished and experienced. You may consider bringing a list of two to three professional work references, as well, if you’re further along in the interview process or are attending a final round interview.

Third, be sure to take a notepad and pen to take notes throughout the interview. Not only can you look back on what you write down later, but this also shows the interviewer that you care about what he or she is saying. Additionally, bring a handful of previously prepared questions to ask about such as the company environment, who you would be working with, and day to day responsibilities. This will help you gain any information you may need while also expressing a genuine interest in the company.

Even if you don’t feel as though you nailed the interview, remind yourself it was still a positive experience. With each interview, you gain experience interacting in a professional environment, form new connections within your industry, and become more confident in the way you carry yourself. Practice makes perfect, so take these tips and get ready to blow your potential employer away!


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