Introducing our newest team member… Suzette Armalavage


Suzette Armalavage has spent years in the executive role, making her the perfect candidate for placing executive candidates. Having over 20 years in manufacturing, serving as the VP of customer operations—overseeing account management, HR, and customer service—she intuitively understands what employers need in an incoming executive. She knows it’s not only talent that matters but culture fit too—how to build, retain, and reproduce great company culture. Suzette’s decades in the manufacturing sector taught her to hire the right person in order to save time and money, yet she also knows how to be a cheerleader for that new hire. With a degree from Texas A&M in marketing, Suzette deeply understands the power of networking and messaging, helping both employers and potential employees succeed in today’s changing market. In her spare time, she spends her evenings with friends and family, playing tennis, or working on her SHRM-CP certification.

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