Top 3 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency

Is your firm considering using an outside recruitment agency to acquire new talent? Having a recruiter available to act as your advisor on hires, pay scales, trends, and competitor insights can give your firm peace of mind and save valuable time and resources.

But how exactly do recruiters deliver these advantages?

Inventory of Qualified Candidates

Many of the qualified candidates your firm seeks are not actively looking for new opportunities. They may be too busy or very comfortable in their present positions and do not even see or seek your firm’s job postings. This categorizes them as “passive” candidates. According to LinkedIn, only 12% of the workforce is actively looking for new opportunities, but 85% are willing to hear about new opportunities when approached. Recruiters are always actively networking to find that 85% of passive candidates that your firm’s job postings will never even see or hear about. This recruiter effort raises the quality of candidates for your talent search.

Knowledge and Resources

  • Recruiters are a valuable resource as your firm’s advisor on industry specific salary rates, career expectations, and the complexity candidates may face in career transitions.
  • Recruiters know your company culture and the job requirements and deliver true candidates that can jump right into their new positions with the industry knowledge and experience required.
  • The candidates brought to you by the recruiter will already be vetted for their aptitude to fit into your company culture, management style, and anticipated pay scale.

Time Savings

The recruiter’s screening of candidates saves your firm valuable time and budgetary resources. Job postings are created, interviews scheduled, administrative issues and communication with applicants are handled, credentials are screened, and your firm will be advised on how to handle negotiations with the potential employee.

CareerBuilder reports you can expect to receive 75 résumés for every job opening. The survey also reported that 78% of recruiters found that at least half the résumés were from unqualified applicants.

Recruiters allow your organization to save time normally spent on the screening process steps and only interview that candidates that are truly qualified. Since recruiters are constantly honing their search skills to reach both active and passive job searchers, you will receive stronger candidates than you could gather on your own search.

Reach out to us today and we will get to work on your getting qualified candidates for your talent search. After all, it is our inventory of qualified candidates, knowledge, resources, and time savings that make us the experts!

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